"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only upon dealth"  --Albert Einstein

Dobermann Lane   Adding Healthy Years to your Best Friends Life. 

Challenging the bad Reputation of Dobermanns WorldWide.

     Alert, Fearless, Loyal. An in your pocket Velcro kind of dog. Nothing sticks to you better than a Dobermann. A true Stage 5 clinger. Unfortunetly, throughout the years of domesticating dogs, poor breeding practices, and even worse training habits, reputation has rendered this amazing family pet as dangerous, vicious, "Will turn on its owner because its brain outgrows its skull". Nothing could be further from the truth.

     Included in the Informative links is a youtube video for Early Neurological Stimulation. This is research done by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia. This is a practice we implement on all litters to promote healthy development.


One of the first Dobermanns to appear in this country was imported by Mr. Theodore F. Jager of Rochester, New York in 1907. In 1916, Mr. Jager said, "They are full of vigor, vim and vitality and if one does not wish to bother with dogs or guide them when at the receptive age, one had better not take a Doberman, for they insist on doing your work, on reading your wishes from your eyes, and if they cannot find such wishes they are apt to turn to something else and so make trouble. You cannot let a Doberman run and expect to have a good Doberman."


"The Dog with a Human Brain," --Walter Dyer

  But the fact that they are known as police dogs is a mistake. The Doberman is too good a dog for that. They do far better as companions and pals. They are excellent watch dogs and are untiring in their efforts to be of service to their master. The Doberman has brains and relies more on his master's wink and wish more closely than most other dogs.


Our Dobermann Goal:

   The idea behind challenging a bad reputation is to lead by example. Health, Temperament, Longevity, Trainability. All of these things go into making your pet the best pet s/he can be. Building a foundation of consistency, and positive reinforcement will set your new family up for success. It all starts with you since we have already taken care to provide you with the perfect clean slate to mold. Our Puppies are raised in our home, socialized and handled daily with children and daily life activity to prepare them to transition well into your life. With 100% lifetime support you and your new puppy are set up for success, now it's all up to you! Health is our #1 priority.